Satisfy My Soul Babe

アーティストBob Marley & The Wailers
作詞Bob Marley
作曲Bob Marley
Satisfy my soul, baby, satisfy my soul
Satisfy my soul, little darlin', satisfy my soul
You're like cool water to my thirsty soul
'Cept, 'cept you keep me warm, when the times are cold

Strange desire, I have for your love
Strange desire, let me say, I have for your love
Good vibration, brings love and affection
Let me say, good vibration, I'm gonna bring,
love and affection
All I need is, good vibration, and I'll bring,
love and affection
Good vibration, let me tell you 'bout bringing,
love and affection

Satisfy my soul, babe, you satisfy my soul
Look here girl
You satisfy my soul


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