Rock My Boat

アーティストBob Marley & The Wailers
作詞Bob Marley
作曲Bob Marley
Please don't you rock my boat
I don't want my boat to be rockin' no-how
Please don't you rock my boat, no, no, no
I don't want my boat to be rockin'

I said, oh, ooh-oh I like it a-like-a-this
When you keep it steady, a-when you're givin' me
Oh, don't be in no hurry, I like it like a-this
Don't you know, hurry them back ,,,,,,,,,,

You satisfy my soul darlin'
You satisfy my soul
Mornin' time, evenin' oh
'Fy my soul

See what you're doin' to me now
I'm happy inside all the time
When I meet you around the corner
I said, 'Baby, never let me be alone'
And then you held me tight
I say, 'I feel alright'
Oh darlin' oh, whoa, whoa, oh baby
See what you are doin' to, see how you love me
I like it like this, I like it like this baby
Oh darlin', I tell you, I never, never let you go
'Cause I love, I love, I love
I love you so

You satisfy my soul, satisfaction
You satisfy my soul, you have got all the actions
'Fy my soul, darlin'


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