アーティストJody Watley
作詞Jody Watley, Andre Cymone
作曲Jody Watley, Andre Cymone
No need to spend another sleepless night
I no longer wonder what the feelings like
The hope consumes my heart in many ways
I'm so glad to have this happiness

'Cause what we have like no other
Good friends as well as lovers
It's's ecstasy...Ecstasy I don't need to find
another love
I need you like I need no other don't need to find another lover
I need you like I need no's Ecstasy

Call me foolish or naive...but I've found someone
who truly pleases me the comes with passion, soul,
and tenderness...Erotic secrets we shall confess

Wait till you find the one that's right before you give your love
Don't follow your friends - follow your own mind...
you'll know when it's right
Remember when he holds you tight there's a differ ence between sex and love...
you'll be lucky to find what I have...
It's heaven sent from above!


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