Lay Back

アーティスト福岡ユタカ, スージーキム, Lotus Juice
作詞Lotus Juice
1st Verse:
I liked my days alone chilling in my crib and
serenading to the sky sipping on patron
making my own
brushing up the skills to get around
set the sound take a look around
ups and downs it ain't always merry go round
Life I treated it like a woman
mother girlfriend and a daughter
sometimes I just think I know her
but in real there is no order
fighter displaying the sword I battle
with no weapon cuz I taught myself to be a real man
in my lesson
straight out follow no one it ain't easy being only one
however show no weakness even if you are the lonely one
still I do not act it out naturally became flesh and blood
flesh and blood

(you gotta layback)
relax your tone and make sure you ain't losing focus
becoming the opus for now take a breather

2nd Verse:
so many days I went through things alone and
now I got my crew but still I move in silence
martial art times it is more than a violence
making sense
cuz pride is tense in every sentence
things change but I ain't changed
my surrounding are deranged but hey
I play along
as long as I know I am the one who actually controls the whole
in the end keeping my eyes wide open
until then I'm gonna lay back
so baby I want you to take your time to lay back
my enemies used to be friends in the way back
today it's all good so you know that you know you gotta gotta...


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