作詞T.Nash, N.Nash
作曲T.Nash, N.Nash
I want you to know
Only got 3 minutes 6 seconds
Baby let me finish
My faults, my bags, my tears,
No you took it all
Just wanna take something off my chest
Baby let me finish

Without you where would I be
My smile was so tinted
A love life so fiction
As i read you my biography
You didn't turn away
And that's why I say, yeah

Yea, yeah
I'm so proud of ya
So glad I chose ya say yeah
yeah, yeah
All the girls that feel the same
Let me hear you say yeah
yeah, yeah
If you proud him
Show him you love him say yeah
yeah, yeah

I just had to get it
Out my mind and
Sing you my heart
What do you want
You know that I'll give it to ya
You're so deserving of it baby

(rpt. b-sec)

(rpt. Hook)


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