The Last Song

作詞B.Kennedy, B.Harrison, J.Fauntleroy II, R.Fenty
作曲B.Kennedy, B.Harrison, J.Fauntleroy II, R.Fenty
Here we are
Mid-air off of the cliff
Staring down at the end again
But then again
Maybe we're finally on
The road that's headed away
From all your complaining
Of hearing the same song
But babe you won't hear it when I'm gone

& it's time to turn on

The last song

The last song

What if you wasted love and all of our time disappeared?
And the sad song ends up bein the last song you'll ever hear?

It was hard
But I'd do it again
Holding hands with my friend again
But then again
Maybe we gave our all
A song they'll never forget
Maybe let em play it
Maybe it'll save the world

They gon miss hearing when it's gone

What if we loved every moment that we could spare
And the perfect song ends up being the last song you'll ever hear

You never know where the song's gonna fade
The last song you hear is the one you made
Your song was beautiful
That's why I started singing it
But this song is ours
So let's play it til the end
Even if its


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