作曲武居創, 直江慶
Close your eyes
Now I know that life is going to make you find
The way to heaven
One last time
Waiting down the line to buy the ticket ride
It's easier to fly

Wake your mind
Take a look around and see what's in your eyes
Is it the life you recognize?
Following the rules that you don't think its right
I wonder when you'll try

Before you fall apart
Maybe the answers not just one
I'm asking to your heart
Is there a space to make a start?

Spreading down the river
To the bottom of your soul inside
Lift me up,
Higher than the tower
Of the memory of blue and barren land

Call me a coward if you want
I still don't believe that I am wrong
You can't force me how to feel
What I want
It's burning on forever until I fall


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