Orange Shirt

作詞Rostam Batmanglij, Wes Miles
作曲Rostam Batmanglij, Wes Miles
I'm walking past your house
But I'm never gonna stop there
Just to look at my clock and think how
You love talking cats
And every sound that I hear from your mouth is so deliberate
So maybe I can't but maybe you will know
Never nice at all but we can work it out
Always sexy how you chew that straw
Especially when you're wearing lacoste

All this lust that you're keeping
And me I gotta crush
Can I sleep inside
I know you're nervous though
So I promise to leave before your
Mother wakes up in the morning

We're sleeping head to toe
And everything that I wanna know
Is on a local train outside of tokyo
Living in a tiny overcrowded town
Still you won't call me back
And every text that I get from you is
so so serious
But I'm sitting at home sipping this miso
Ticking raindrops upon my window pane
Your texting too fast for me to reply
Never looking when you type T-9

Sleep on the train to Tokyo
Google yourself when you get home


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