アーティストMott the Hoople
作詞lan Huntere
作曲lan Huntere
I scream at you for sharing
I curse you just for caring
I hate the clothes you're wearing they're so pretty
I tell you not to see me
I tell you not to feel me
I make your life a drag it's such a pity

I watch your warm glow palin'
I watch your sparkle fadin'
As you realise you're tailin'
cos' you're so good
Oh I don't mean to upset you -
but there's so much crime to get through
If I could make it easier then I would

I wish I was your mother -I wish I'd been your father
And then I would have seen you would have been
you as a child
Played houses with your sisters n' wrestled
with all your brothers
And then who knows I might have felt a family
for a while

It's no use me pretending
You give and I do the spending
Is there a happy ending
I don't think so
Cos' even if we make it
I'll be too far out to take it
You'll have to try and shake it from my head
Oh I wish I was your mother....


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