アーティストMott the Hoople
作詞lan Huntere
作曲lan Huntere
Baby baby tried to phone you
They said you were gone
Baby baby please come home to me
Where you belong
Foxy Foxy
You're all I have to hold
Don't leave me alone
Out in the cold

Baby baby how I missed you
My love grows so strong
Baby baby wanna kiss you
All night long
Foxy Foxy
Oh you're all I'm living for
You're all I see
I've been loved before

Can I put my arms around you
I'll surround you
Make a lot to
Never see you sighing
Darling when you're crying
It makes me die

Foxy Foxy
Oh I need you everyday
Not just when you want
Not just when you say
Girl I know I'll always love you

Stars above shine down upon you
Never leave me ever
Darling will you be forever true

Foxy Foxy
Come out tonight
Foxy Foxy
You'll be alright
Foxy Foxy
Let me into your heart

Foxy Foxy
Give me one more chance
Foxy Foxy
Give me one more dance
Foxy Foxy
Don't let them keep us apart

Foxy Foxy
Don't neglect me
Foxy Foxy
Please don't reject me
Foxy Foxy
Don't let it end before it starts

Foxy Foxy
Foxy Foxy
Foxy Foxy


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