アーティストMott the Hoople
作詞lan Huntere
作曲lan Huntere
I was a city child with a dead-end smile
And a worm's eye point of view
Oh I knew my way I was a back street stray
And I had my eyes on you

Now I got this trend, he's a screwdriver - jiver
You know some kinda automobeal on the street
And he has converted me to Rook 'n' Roll
I just want to dance to

Honaloochie Boogie yeh
Get in time, don't worry about the shirt-shine
Honaloochie Boogie yeh
You sure started something

My hair gets longer as the beat gets stronger
Wanna tell Chuck Berry my views
I get my kicks out of guitar licks
And I sold my steel-toed shoes

Now I got this friends
N' he's a spicier west-sider
You know he's hung-up on a protection rejection thing
But I have made him see the light
He just wanna dance to

Honaloochie Boogie


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