Heat Wave Jam Out

アーティストForever The Sickest Kids
作詞A.Bello, K.Burns, J.Cook, K.Garrison, M.Stewart, C.Turman
作曲A.Bello, K.Burns, J.Cook, K.Garrison, M.Stewart, C.Turman
Your Buddy
Gets Busy
Lost Contact
Same Cellphone

Need s money
Sees ebay
Starts looking
Sees the Flipside

Gets idea
For money
Sends text
To drummer
For cds
And tshirts

Drummer sees text
From old friend
Gets happy
And texts back
To old friend
And answer

Friend lies
Bout cds
And selling
Them on ebay
Drummer sends them
Sees auction
For money
To bank account
Of old friend
High dollars
Not cents

Friend sales it
Makes money
Lotta money
Not cents

Calls bank
Makes deposit
Sits pretty
Gets happy
Thanks drummer
Sends text
The end.

The Moral of this story
Isn't just laughs
Its about a guy
Who put his friends on blast.

You should never try
Make money off your friends
Youll see from this from this rap
That nobody wins.


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