Hawkbot featuring Chae Hawk

アーティストForever The Sickest Kids, Chae Hawk
作詞C.Hawk, Forever The Sickest Kids
作曲C.Hawk, Forever The Sickest Kids
So this club feels intergalactic much like the 80s lights
cameras action on all the ladies run into you doin that
thing you do everyones circled around watching as you
get down

So this be club intergalactic lights they shine on dimes
and prime picks dancefloor metal with girls who move
quick ladies night ain't that some shhhh most at the bar
with a bevy in mind bar keep know me so he waste no
time shots free cause they know my grind salute right
after I chase this lime

Know ready for the floor like I never did this before pull
up on a shorty start grindin on the front make my way to
the rear no fear this chicks jive is weird bust to a stance
everybody stand clear wow and she ain't pretendin oh
no she didn't

She's introducin the robot
Put your elbow up about shoulder length
Baby watch it hang and let the pendulum swing she's
introducing the robot go go now you can't stop dance
dance do the robot

Vibing off her circuitry she bringin out the freak in me
the heat up in this function about to malfunction watchin
how her butt engage got me clappin while this music
plays a pro with your poppin like dance your way into
my heart stopright at this motion take a sip of this potion
now tell your girls to give us space I notice why they
hate this way cause you do what you do bottom line
pushin cute and they jockin your moves

What's this where's the valet
I see the line to get in but I don't see chae dude bro ur a
bouncer and all I get the fact that your eight foot tall but
why you gotta trip on little guys like me just steer us in
the way of the VIP thanks I didn't think this was worth all
that I mean its way too sweaty and this club is packed
hey Deon Leon everybodys neon like a record skipping
everybodys tripping me out right now hey Chae come
here let's take a myspace shot there's like guys doin
headspins and girls doin robots there's spies from the
redskins and squirrels sporting mohawks no not
mohawks I said there doin robots

Come on let's head to the VIP so that everyone can see
so sick us kids will forever be, plus I got girls that I need
you to meet got tricks and you know that I stay with the
treats dj 1st request on the beats but right before we
take our seats check it out even Ripley found to hard to


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