Mind Eraser, No Chaser

アーティストThem Crooked Vultures
作詞Them Crooked Vultures
作曲Them Crooked Vultures
Run along face lift
If it kills, I got news, it ain't a side effect
Call it a full rejeckt or
A fuel injected, type corrected,
Teenage obstacle
All I wanna do is have my mind erased
I'm begging you, pleading you,
Stop comateasing us all
Drug company, where's the pill for me?
I call it mind eraser, no chaser at all
It reads- mind eraser, no chaser- in
Bright lights
On permanent leave of everything
Law biding, dick riding, fun police, leave us alone
New age goostep on a karma collision
Dulling the edge of a razor blade
What does it mean when the knife & the hand are your own?
Robotic mom bought me, diy kit lobotomy
It's a tuck, taste, dance craze, movie of the week
You'll buy the doll, kick the ball
Then piss on the sheets.
Give me the reason why the mind's a terrible thing to waste?
Understanding is cruel the monkey said as it launched to space
I know that I'm gonna be your dangerous side effect
Ignorance is bliss, until they take your bliss away
Give me the reason why the mind is a terrible thing to waste?
I know that I am, your dangerous side effect
I'm not sorry to say we just ran out of give a



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