Let it Simmer

アーティストDan Hicks and the Hot Licks
作詞Dan Hicks
作曲Dan Hicks
Hey you got a second
Can I pull your coal?
I think I hit upon an antidote
When trouble is brewin' and it don't look good
Just do like I do
I think you should
I think you should

Let it simmer
Cook it slow
Cool your heels
Let it go
Don't get hot
Why be a fool
That's the thought
Don't lose your cool
Let it settle

You the boss
Take your time
Ancfridthing' lost
Say your girl is shimmying
Like your sister Kate
She out there dancing
Your date looks great
And all the studs there they think so too
They're making passes
What do you do?
(Do do do do do)
Let it simmer
Ease it on
Turn on your dimmer
Ain't nothing wrong
Count to ten
Then count again
Whatever's wrong
Is on the mend

Take it easy
Take it slow
Turn the heat down
Turn it at low
Now you got lots of money
And then you ain't
Where does it go
Is a cheap complaint (where's the money?)
It always comes back
So don't despair
Don't pop a vessel
Don't pull your hair

Let I simmer
The heafs on low
Cool your jets
Let it go
Don't turn red
That's my advice
Don't lose your head
It's worth the price

Let it mellow
Take your time
Let it simmer
Simmerin's fine

So let's wrap this up
I got things to do
There's my thoughts
On the toughest shoe
It ain't so bad
If you take my tip
Just let it coast
For a smoother trip

Let it simmer
Cook it slow
No use boiling
Just let it go
Don't get hot
Ifs a simple rule
Just cool off
Lay by the pool (just)
Take it easy
Ifs alright
Just for today
And for tonight
Keep it mellow
Keep it light
(hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm)


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