A Magician

アーティストDan Hicks and the Hot Licks
作詞Dan Hicks
作曲Dan Hicks
A magician
Is what I'd like to be
I'd erase it
From my memory
Or I'd wish it
On to someone else
But not me!

And the magic
That I'd work so well
So none could tell
That she ever,
Ever knew
Someone like me
If only I knew
What I did do
In the course
Of knowing her

But never mind that,
Ifs all in the past
She don't know me know now
A magician
If I could only be
How different
Things would be and how differently
She would feel and think about me

A magician (yeah)
Is what I'd like to be
I'd make that magic work
So she could see
How differently
Things could be
But its too late you see!


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