Dark Roman Wine

アーティストSnow Patrol
I will hang on the hook of your splendour
As the night rolls us up in its arms
In the square of your thumbs and your fingers
Is a blanket of sky that's so warm

I know it's late but I can't help but thinking
That the day hasn't shown all its cards
Now it's out to the stars or the ocean
Let's not retrace our steps to the car

Picking out all the stars that like we like
Between finger and thumb
You laugh as you pass me the night
As if it's too fragile to hold
And I hold it so close to my chest
With your hands in my hands
You say this is just how we'd rest til
Until the land turns to sand

Now your eyelids they faint and they shiver
Like the winas of the last bird to leave
For the south for the heat for no reason
At all just to fly for sheer joy

The wind shakes the branches above us
And the cars shake the ground at our backs
But the dark roman wine in our blood streams
Makes the cold just a word just a sound


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