Give Me Strength

アーティストSnow Patrol
I choked back tears today
Cause I can't begin to say
How much you've shaped this boy
These last ten years or more

My friends we've seen it all
Triumphs and drunken falls
And our bones are broken still
But our hearts are joined until

Time slips its tired hand
Into our tired hands
But we've years till that day
And so much more to say

You give the strength to me
A strength I never had
I was a mess you see
I'd lost the plot so bad
You dragged me up and out
Out of the darkest place
There's not a single doubt
When I can see your faces

My friends we've seen it all
When it made no sense at all
You dared to light my path
And found the beauty in the aftermath

Let me hold you up
Like you held me up
Too long to never say this
You must know I've always thought


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