Ballin' (feat.The Dramatics, Lil' Half Dead)

アーティストSnoop Dogg, The Dramatics, Lil' Half Dead
作詞K.Gilliam, C.Broadus, L.J.Reynolds, R.Banks, D.Smith, T.Hester
作曲K.Gilliam, C.Broadus, L.J.Reynolds, R.Banks, D.Smith, T.Hester
The Dramatics : like a star slipping out of place
sliding from the sky
tumbling through space
when you touch my hand I swear I feel like I'm ballin
like a wheel whirling round and round rolling down a hill
spinning on the ground
your kissing makes me dizzy in the head and I'm ballin

Snoop : I love this cuz this game cuz this game loves me back
I'm pushing a lac' smoking sacks like a mack
bringing it back banging the a-track
The Dramatics and Battle Cat and Snoop like that
big stars and big cars we pull up at the big clubs
and sit up at the big bars
sipping champagne with a bowl of caviar
hell yeah ya are, yeah ya are
say it say it cuz they all deny it,
play it play it cuz you can't deny it
as fly as it get as fly as I spit
you know it's the shit it's so gangsta gangsta bitch
switch back to the old school
old fools know
this hear thang we do so original
I got to have it lavish is how we establish
on the real loved one it feels good to have it

The Dramatics : like a Rolls dipping down the street
looking oh so sweet
bumping to the beat
these streets they keep me busy
making bread and I'm ballin
here I go ballin making dough
working for myself
going real real slow
I keep woman on my life
cuz they know I'm ballin
here I go I can't help myself
yeah you know
I'm ballin

Snoop: do dat who dat you dat one they call on
baler get ya ball on
it's on all now fall on to a new groove
really ain't nothing to prove we set the mood
or shot some pool or blaze kool
ah what up fool now you can cruise if you chose
but I prefer to do the cha-cha
and once my smoke hits ya throat you know I gotcha
watch out no need to pull ya glock out
it's a player's affair
now look at my hair
and the girls with me they got the same thang on
pimp pimp hooray my nigga get ya bang on
cuz my uncles bout to get they sang on
all around the world my nigga it's the same song
and when it's time fa' ya callin
fall in with no stallin
keep it ballin

The Dramatics : each has a meal
just rolling through his town
stacking dolla bills
rasing the pile
because he's love in every city
that's why he's ballin

Snoop : there is it
cuz it is there now have a seat and
come peep the game from a player
they say time brings change and change brings time
it's so genuine and so divine
it's been so long and fact it's overdue now tell me
babygirl what can do-double-g do for you
I feel for you I always look over you
it's really not much that a player wouldn't do for you
so quit stallin
and fall in
and come get a bar of some of this ballin
no quit stallin and callin
and get a bar of some of this ballin......

DJ Sock-It-To-Ya-Ass : yeah that's right this is radio
station 187.4 DJ Sock-It-To-Ya-Ass
with something from The Dramatics
and Snoop Dogg produced by Battle Cat,
it's another one of those world premieres
doing it to you Doggy Style in ya earhole
for the 2000 +1 yeah......


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