アーティストC.J. Lewis
Stay right by my side
Baby don't you run away
As long as we got love
You don't ever have to leave
Stay right by my side
Baby don't you run away
As long as we got love
I will never let you go

Girl why don't you come and tell me all your feelings
When you feel like your life have no meaning
Baby girl please don't stop dreaming
Everybody need something to believe in
I believe as long as I'm speaking
Nobody can stop me from breathing
From the floor right up to the ceiling
Keep on moving I'm not losing

Where you go I will go
And I really want you to know
I'll be there anywhere
So don't you ever be afraid
I'll be by your side
So just wipe the tears from your eyes
And everyone come sing with me


Life goes on don't everybody know that
See if you get through you better fight back
You can't ruin in your place like an idiot
Face your trouble if you tell me you want your place back
Stand firm be yourself stop following
You still have one life that you're struggling
Even when you say the world are in trouble
No one there to save you so keep on struggling

When you pray I will pray
Every night and every day
I will climb, I will fight
Till the world start treating you right
When you're stressed I'll be stressed
But one day we will be blessed, yeah
Everyone come sing with me



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