Hey moon, baby don't be so mean.
Beggin'u tell me where she is weepin'.
I know u've been watchin' everythin' on the globe
since we've been created for seekin' the love.

Hey moon, I wonder why u so quiet?
Even now the world's goin' under to an end.
If you would've been a mirror to reflect what we do,
then maybe we could've avoided.

イマ オナジ ツキ ヲ ミテル
セカイガ モエテク シズカナ ヨルニ

Hey moon, i bet u'll be shinin' up there
all through the nights over a million years
even after we all human disappear from here
this planet's history into thin air.

I know nothing could ever stay in forever.
Like the sun and u moon can never get closer ever.

イマニモ ナキダシソウナ クモニ ノッテ
カスンダ ヨゾラヲ トンデ イケタナラ

Hey moon, am I wrong? i still believe in
our prayers ain't goin' although all begins fleetin'.
Now in a silent night the world is bleedin',
I'm singin' not knowing where she is weepin'


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