one machine, one long fight

アーティストLou Barlow
it's the same with all these pressures
there are means to compromise
i don't mean make it simple
but i would if i had time
to understand the outs and ins
the metal threads the needle pins
that hold his world together right or wrong

one machine and one long fight
half the mirror half the light
found myself declaring we were lost
(lost my last resistance to the core)
not out loud but in my mind
(not for real but in my mind)
4 a.m. can be unkind
when the sirens and the animals explore

it's the same with all these pleasures
they hang out all the time
teasing me from doorways
maxing out my mind
rugging on a tender vein
the web of life the blood champagne
we hold ourselves together right or wrong

heed hte day religion
words that follow wine
they don't mean to make me better
but i'd rather be inside
where chemicals make vitamins
the heat expands
and breaks the skin
we fall apart together
one more time


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