アーティストLou Barlow
file it away and keep life in the past an opinion
calling it simple cutting it off at the truth
damage is done oh but how much to who when they don't care
part of you lingered and that's when the creature arrived

arching a back tracing a ridge with a finger
a dare in your kiss a carnival wish on your breath
words from your lips long to get what you give without asking
a certain arrangement that part of me wanted to try

we can have our fun
in the face of evil come
could i be so blind
fed it well kept it warm and high

file it away and keep life in the past an opinion
pushing the will is the pill that we're wanton to take
down to the roor sharing the fruit with the danger
out with the inner and tenderly turned on its side

part of, half of, all over you, my love
the need for it is strong
u feel it hanging on
if u don't pull the lever know i will

when you're on your own
try to leave it alone
in the quiet time the creature comes awake


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