Got More Rhymes

アーティストYoung M.C.
作詞Marvin Young, Matt Dike, John King, Michael Ross
作曲Marvin Young, Matt Dike, John King, Michael Ross
Now from planet to planet, and from star to star
It doesn't really matter baby just who you are
And from earth to solar system, and to galaxy
It's real hard to get a ticket to hear Young MC
Because I rock like a professional, this ain't no lark
You either hear me at a party or you see me in the park
I've rocked in many places far away from my home
I guess that must be the reason why I'm so well known
I rock from lowa to Idaho, Canada to Mexico
I came into the place (yea) party people just to let you know
My name is the Young MC, ladies want to come to me
And when they're in arms, the ladies never ever front on me
Thinking that you know the deal, boy who don't you be for real
I love to rock the mic and sometimes even rock the wheels of steel
Rock the place without a doubt, now I'm gonna turn it out
So listen very close so I could tell you what it's all about
Rhymes, more rhymes, party people I'm the Young MC
And I got rhymes, let me tell you something
Young MC got more rhymes

Now with a voice like this, I rock so well
But I'm not Prince, Lionel Richie or Patti LaBelle
I'm not the Cars, the Pretenders, or the B52's
My name is Young MC and I'm the one you should choose
'Cause when the music comes in and the beat starts thumping
I'm the only man to keep the girl high jumping
I'm the doctor on the mic and yes I'm so sure
That all you need is one visit then you'll be cured
'Cause in the game of rap I'm the referee
When the others need help, they'll come to me
Like Judge Joe Wapner on the People's court
My name is Young MC, rocking on the mic is my sport
And you know...just from those twelve lines
That a fellow like me never falls behind
'Cause I'm the cream of the crop and the leader of the pack
Once you give me the mic, you know there's no turning back
Because I've got more rhymes than other guys do
They're just a monkey, I'm the whole damn zoo
I can't juse a book, I use a hefty bag
Because they're just a string, I'm the Amrican Flag
I got more rhymes than water seen by a sailor
More husbands than Elizabeth Taylor
More than Babe Ruth has hit home runs
Yo my name is Young MC, so go out there and have some fun
With rhymes, more rhymes
I got to tell you something, Young MC got rhymes
Party people I got more rhymes (Bust It)

Rhymes-what are these things that I talk about
Hear them in the walkman everytime you wanna walkabout
Never lost a battle in which I fought
And if rhyme was a crime I'd never get caught
I had to go to college because I'm an intellectual
I only sleep with women 'cause I'm a heterosexual
Rock the microphone anyplace, anytime
That's why I had to write a jam and call it "Got More Rhymes"
Now as a consequence of this I'd like to make some sense of this
And tell the party people all the reasons why I sent you this
Rhyme-that I continue to say
School starts in September, graduation in May
And when I graduate, rhymes will keep coming
Girls try to flock and jock but stop bumming
'Cause I'm the kind of guy that you'd never want to toy with
And now you know that I'm talking about the boy with
Rhymes, more rhymes, when you sau
Young MC, you are saying rhymes
Party people Young MC got more rhymes...Yeah


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