Fastest Rhyme

アーティストYoung M.C.
作詞Marvin Young
作曲Marvin Young
Now Young MC that reads my name I'm rockin' it for you with my game
In this my game but what do you like the Young MC is on the mic
On the mic and in the place I'm rockin' it to the vicious place
The vicious place's the vicious house I'm really gonna make you hypnotize
Hypnotize but then you're gon' rock it till the break of dawn
The break of dawn the break of tea cuz my name is Young MC
Young MC is what I call out not too heavy not too tall
I'm not too tall I'm never that wack the Young MC'd give a heartattack
Heartattack is what they develop I'm really gonna make you
Want to live you want to live you want to die
You're rockin' that vicious can't deny can't deny is just what you hear
You're rockin' their sick men that yet men that yet and men today
I'm gonna really take your breath away breath away your breath arise
Arise lke my synthesizer synthesizer is a music machine
Rock the house you know what I mean what I mean is what I say
Gonna rock the house today you're out today you're out out tonight
You're gonna really do it right do it right and do it wrong
Gonna make you sing a song you sing a song cold with the lickers
My name is Young MC!


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