When 2 R In Love

When 2 R in Love
They'll whisper secrets only 2 can hear
When 2 R in Love
When 2 R in Love
Their stomachs will pound every time
the other comes near

When 2 R in Love
When 2 R in Love
Falling leaves will appear 2 them
Like slow motion rain
When 2 R in Love
The speed of their hips, can be faster
Than a runaway train

Come bathe with me
Let's drown each other in each other's emotions
Bathe with me
Let's cover each other with perfume
and lotion
Bathe with me
Let me touch your body, till your river's an ocean
Bathe with me
Let's kiss with one synonymous motion

That nothing's forbidden and nothing's taboo

When we eh eh eh eh eh eh and the 2 R in love

When 2 R in love


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