Life Starts Now

アーティストThree Days Grace
作詞Three Days Grace
作曲Three Days Grace
You say you feel so down
Everytime I turn around
You say you should've have
Been gone by now

You think that
Everything's wrong
Ask me how to carry on
Make it through another
Day just hold on

'Cause life starts now
You've done all the things
That could kill you somehow
And you're so far down
But you will
You will survive
This somehow because
Life starts now

I hate to see you fall down
I'll pick you up
Off the ground
I've watched the weight
Of your world come down

And now it's your chance
To move on
Change the way
You've lived for so long
Find the strength you've
Had inside all along

All this pain
Take this life and
Make it yours
All this hate
Take your heart and
Let it love again
You will survive
This somehow


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