Life In The Fast Lane

アーティストYoung M.C.
作詞Marvin Young
作曲Marvin Young
A child is born a new life starts
A baby given to those who have heart
A gift from God to a woman and man
And for the first few years it's according to plan
I go to school and I make the grade
Mom and Dad work hard to get paid
I'm going to be a lawyer or something close
I've got a lot of potential so I'm making the most
My friends are real cool we fight and make noise
But that's how it is 'cause boys will be boys
But I made one friend I should never have had
'Cause after that day everything went bad
The friend I speak of is a kid named joe
He sold drugs heavy and he clocked much dough
He had a good family just like mine
And he was a drug dealer but he came out fine
Now Joe has class and Joe has style
And although his lifestyle is somewhat wild
He has things I only hope to get
And my parents say son we can't afford that yet
So I see Joe
Chilling with the women and the clothes and the dough
He is large like Trump and I'm tiny like Tim
So part of me wants to be just like him
So we eventually became friends
And he told me how I could make my ends
Do what I do and follow my lead
And you'll clock big dollars boy yes indeed
Make a quick run to a guy named Pat
He has a heavy habit but the boy lives fat
You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain
And that began my life y'all in the fast lane

So I went into Pat's neighborhood
For five minute's work two hundred dollars was good
My bike was old and I was truly in need
So with the money I could go and get a 10-speed
I rang the bell and Pat came out
The man was a junkie there was-no doubt
There were needles everywhere and the place smelled bad
Complete with empty vials from the drugs he had
Now selling heroin to Pat was my duty though
He had more tracks in his arm than a studio
So right then and there I was positive that
I would never in life turn out like pat
Now that's when the drug addict spoke to me
And I thought that he would tell a funny joke to me

But instead he had a serious look on his face
And even though his life was a waste
He told me you look like a really smart young man
Get out of this drug life when you can
If you don't go now and use your head
This life will kill you and you'll wind up dead
I ran out of the house 'cause the vibe was spooky
And all of those drugs must have made
Pat kooky
Because I knew that I was good at what I did
And nobody was smarter than this kid
So Joe introduced me to a man named Pete
See I was just a runner he was king of the street
He gave me jobs to run so I ran
And then boom I was Pete's right hand man
He took me out to dinner one night
He said stick with me and I will do you right
You're a really smart kid with a helluva brain
Another chapter of life y'all in the fast lone

So I'm chilling with Pete and everything goes well
Pat was wrong and baby I could tell
'Cause money was flowing and everything was cool
I was eighteen now so i was done with school
I graduated the choice wasn't tough for me
Because Peter had a job lined up for me
You know a 9 to 5 would have been okay
But what they made in a month I clock in a day

So now I'm an entrepreneur
Selling product that is rich and pure
I won't get caught 'cause I've got too much sense
And if I do I'll get off on my first offense
I even tried crack for the first time
The stuff was crazy and it blew my mind
But having a problem doesn't bother me
'Cause I deal the stuff so I get mine free
I moved out the house bye Mom and Dad
They said they were bappy but yo they looked sad
Man parents are hard to figure out indeed
I thought they'd be happy to see their son succeed
Well anyway I had other problems arising
With Peter cutting in on my enterprising
I was mad as hell but I did not ill
I waid the man hooked me up so I should just chill
Well life in the fast lane makes you crazy
Keep on moving and don't get lazy
And every time I felt like I wanted to quit
I pulled the pipe out and then I took a hit
Living this life is hard for me
Because Peter has no regard for me
Yo me and him are going through some strain
With problems from life y'all in the fast lane

So now Pete smooth played me out like a gopher
His butler maid delivery boy and chauffeur
Go here go there get this get that spend it
I thought it was time that this madness ended
I heared he got his stuff from EI Salvador
And I was sick of him treating me like a labrador
So I used the money that was meant for rent
So I could front the stuff and it was money well spent
So now the fast lane seems to be mine
'Cause I'm rolling real quick in between the lines
In a couple of weeks I was bigger than Joe
Chilling with the women and the clothes and the dough
Iran into one of my homeboys Herbie
Who told me news that would soon disturb me
My man stepped to me and began to speak
Saying Peter got shot by the cops last week
And Joe was there and he got shot too
And I didn't know what the hell I'd do
If he's in the hospital I can't go see him
And if he's in jail then I can't go free him
So I smoked but I didn't realize that
As every day went by I was more like Pat
Doing rock after rock and I did not rest
Man I was sucking on a pipe like a baby on a breast
So I went out so I could work my trade
With Pete and Joe gone I could really get paid
But a plain clothes cop spotted me one day
Hoped in our cars and we were on our way
A hundred miles an hour speeding down the block
And in the front seat was a bag full of rocks
Then a car came out and on the brokes I slammed
And no matter what I did I got hit damn
Turn the key and car won't start
And I could hear the beating of my heart
I didn't have a rabbit's foot or a four leaf clover
But I had luck because the car turned over
Zoom and I was off again
Because I didn't want years in the Federal Pen
And I didn't want to be in the morgue with a tag on my toe
That's not the way this story's gonna go
So I lost him he could not find me
So I pulled over 'cause he wasn't behind me
I started smoking rocks like a man possessed
And then I felt this pain deep in my chest
I tried to breathe but the air won't come
I tried to scream out but that was dumb
I couldn't do nothing' I was frozen with pain
And that was the end of my life y'all in the fast lone


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