Use Your Head

アーティストYoung M.C.
作詞Marvin Young
作曲Marvin Young
Think for a minute and use your head
Chillin' at a club on a Saturday night
You're all dressed up so you're looking alright
Fly girls all around at least twenty
They're just like candy 'cause yo they're good and plenty
One fly girl has got your name on her
She looks so good, there's no doubt you want her
So you step to her and you speak your piece
She ways how yo doin' my name's Deniece
You talk slow making sure you don't ramble
You're feeling kind of nervous 'cause your taking a gamble
But Deniece is cool, you go out and you dance
She says baby doll, I want a night of romance
So you stop dancing and head for the door
Wondering what the night has in store
You're thinking a lot so you walk real slow
There's a candom in your wallet so you're good to go
Now condoms are cool but they're not the reason
To step to a girl like it's open season
When you check your wallet, the jimmy hat's gone
'Cause last week you gave it to your best friend Shawn
So now you're caught out there with no hat
There's clouds in the sky and you're worried about that
And acid rain has been a problem this year
Need I say more to make my point quite clear
Deniece don't seem to have a care in the world
You look her up and down and she's a hell of a girl
Nice hair nice body nice skin nice face
And you're all mixed up when you reach your place
Making conversation just to entertain
But this girl Deniece has got sex on the brain
In the bedroom sitting down on the bed
Now just think for a minute and use your head

All the girls get together for a night of laughs
A slumber party at your good friend Kath's
Kathy's wild she is somewhat of a freak
And her parents are gone, they're out of town for a week
So everybody's talking about boys and hair
In sleeping bags pillows and sheets and chairs
Then some of your friends start smokin' that stuff
Because a couple of beers simply wasn't enough
So there you sit in a state of shock
Watching powder and straws and pipes and rocks
It comes to you and you pass it on
You feel good about that so the pressure's gone
You knew that Kathy was a wild young miss
But you never ever thought that she was wild like this
And as you were thinking, the stuff came back
You said I don't smoke cigorettes so why smoke crack
Then they start screaming and calling you names
Because you wouldn't get hight and play the game
You look to your friends for some moral support
But they're too busy with a hit or a snort
Well, you want to be cool, but this ain't right
And you fought with your parents just to spend the night
Now they're looking at you and all they see is red
So just think for a minute and use your head

One night after work you all go out for a drink
This job is so rough, you're too tired to think
There's five of you, so you take five cars
For five parking spaces when you reach the bar
You order some drinks for the boys to get loose
They all have alcohol and you have arange juice
You have a good time and the five of your speak
About the things that hoppend at the job last week
Now as the conversation goes on, the alcohol flows on
They're getting so drunk, your friends can hardly keep their clothes on
And you just chill because you're being polite
But they're having more rounds thatn a tyson fight
Your friends are drunk and the fear is real
'Cause you drounk so much juice that you're growing a peel
But you can drive, and you can do it with ease
And right now your friends can't even find their keys
So you take their keys, and put them in your pocket

They get mad, telling you to stop it
But you say no, you're too drunk to drive
And I'll make sure you make it home alive
The bartender says the cars will be OK
And if they're sober they can get them in a couple of doys
You know my friend, you got a lot of class
Here's a twenty dollor bill, I want to pay for the gas
You get in the car, your friends are screamin' and cursin'
But if you let them drive the situation would worsen
And you're doing something that you think is right
So you'll take them home if it takes all night
So one by one you take them home to their wives
The good women thank you for saving their lives
Put them in the house and put them straight to bed
Because you thought for a minute and used your head


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