Keep It In Your Pants

アーティストYoung M.C.
作詞Marvin Young
作曲Marvin Young
This here's a jam for those who be sexing
See a girl come up and then you start flexing
Doing what you can for the one night stand
But G you've got to see you take your life in your hands
Now it's all well and good that she doesn't ignore you
She's fine so you weren't the first to spot her
And if you do it like Pruitt you're not the first who got her
Maybe Tom Dick Harry Steven Joe and Barry
John Paul George Ringo Curly Moe and Larry
Did it got with it smooth hit it
Steady son and like Edison just lit it
But you don't know if that's the case my friends
And you don't want a doctor on your case again
So you better know for sure about the girl before you take a chance
And for now you better keep it in your pants

Now ladies my story isn't all one sided
'Cause I know many of you've confided
In me so I know that I've been trusted
For my words and the moves that I've busted
So let me see
Let's say a man wants to talk to thee
And you don't want to make a mistake
'Cause he could be real or he could be fake
Think for a minute and use your head
And don't be so quick to hop in bed
It's one thing for you to just giggle and flirt
But why sex a stranger and get your feelings hurt
If he's meant to be with you then he'll stick around
Not just throw you in bed to throw his stick around
Wait and see 'cause if you really really want romance
Yo you should keep it in your pants

I take my own advice to make the story legit
And I don't want to be labelled as a hypocrite
I practice what I preach although I'm not preaching
Just like when I see my homeboy's girl
And to me she is the flyest thing in the world
It would be easy to tell her I was Young MC
Throw drag and have her go to bed with me
But I'm not the one who's gonna live that foul
I'd rather live right than be out on the prowl
And if you're sleeping with your homeboy's girl you're starting trouble
Like Freddy sexing Betty behind the back of Borney Rubble
Therefore where fore art thou Romeo
Will not work if the girl don't know me though
Say who are you and I'll say who I am

Call it quid pro quo like in the Silence of the Lambs
Now if your friends say you should be sleeping around
Have lots of sex if you want to be down
Be your own boss stand tall and strong
'Cause you'll be standing alone if something ever goes wrong
Peer pressure is a hard thing for a child
And acting older don't don't mean acting wild
And girls even though it appeals to some men
If you think it's cool to all of us you'd better think again
'Cause I'm not the kind of guy to get turned on
By a girl that my homeboys can go take turns on
If that was the case you should be charging a fee
And you would probably live larger than me see

Use your head before you use the covers
Friends are still friends even when they are lovers
And you'll get more respect if you just go dance
Word, I'm off and you keep it in your pants


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