The Right One

アーティストYoung M.C.
作詞Marvin Young
作曲Marvin Young
Decisions decisions how can I decide
Which girlie I want to be my bride
Or girlfriend it's like a dating game
Do they want me for me or for the money and fame
Good question that I ask each time
That I meet a lady and she knows I rhyme
For a living so I'm giving you notice
I'm not dumb don't you think that I would know this
Fact that you used to call me wack
But now I'm young MC so yo you want to come back
Nah that's not the way that it go
I don't need a weatherman to feel the wind blow
So unfortunately I've grown colder
Girls freezing fingers upon my cold shoulder
I get hyped every time I sight one
Then I think to myself is this girl the right one

To all the ladies I'm giving an earful
'Cause brothers like me have got to be careful
Of the who the what the why the where the when and how
I'm gonna meet a girl right now
Wow I let it be known that I'm looking
Like a chef with a pot who's scared to start cooking
'Cause I'm not gonna go from the frying pan into the fire
And find myself with some livewire
Liar I don't know whay you keep going
'Cause if you don't stop your nose will start growing
And fairytale telling is for Seuss and Grimm
So don't try to play me out like a slim jim
Then I know how it's gonna happen
You get amped off the fact that I be rappin'
The spot you put me in is a tight one
So yo I've got to be sure if this girl's the right one

So yo here's the story of girls and the glory
Nothing controversial nothing inflammatory
One day I sighted this sweet young miss
I spoke to her and it went like this
Well well well how do you do
You know you're looking kinda fly I want to talk to you
Maybe the two of us could meet on a rendezvous
And I'll take you out for lobster and not cheap stew ooh
She came with a negative reply
Dissing me hard looking dead in my eye
Then someone said yo Young MC
She said that's you I said uh huh that's me gee
Well that right there must have changed her tone
'Cause she did a 180 like Karl Malone
Hi hello how ya' doin' and howdy
When five minutes ago the chick was like Audi

But check it no doubt the girl was fine
The grill the fronts the dumps yo the whole nine
But I don't know her from Adam or Eve
If she has real hair or a basket weave
Whether she drives a car or she rides the bus
Whether the boots are real or from Boots 'R Us
Whether she smokes or not does she love to light one
A-B-C ya baby 'cause you not the right one


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