Do You Feel Like I Do

アーティストYoung M.C.
作詞Marvin Young
作曲Marvin Young
In the heat of the night, when there is no light
I just think of you and everything's alright
You make me so hot that you leave me steaming
And I wake up to find that I was only dreaming
I wonder, do you feel the same way
Having dreams about the two of us someday
With 2 1/2 kids and a white picket fence
I love you baby 'til it don't make sense
Now I know you've been hurt many times before
And like me you don't want to get hurt no more
But I'll do you right baby simple and plain
And it's alright once you get past the pain
Now if you like I'll get down on one knee
And tell you all the things that you mean to me
Look in my eyes and you'll know its true
So let me ask you darling do you feel like I do

Now I understand what you want in a man
Is not just a brother who will hold your hand
But someone who's gonna love you too
And when you need it be a best friend to you
Okay that's a good place to start
'Cause the body ain't nothin' if you don't have heart
And what I mean by that is my heart comes first
And if I only give you body it'll just get worse
So come on take this chance with me
Take my hand and do a little dance with me
Don't be scared 'cause darling I'm here to protect you
And no matter what I'll always respect you
Girl I'm giving you the best of me
Because I think the two of us are like destiny
I once felt old but I now feel brand new
So let me ask you darling do you feel like I do

Many women before have walked through my door
Asking for money and a trip on tour
They've got it going oh yeah the girls are fine
But they're digging for gold and I'm not a goldmine
One lady stands out in particular
We hit a movie was good the people started clapping
But all she could talk about was money and my rapping
She said she wanted me for her man but I said eh eh because she
Reminds me of the girls back in Manhattan
Talking 'bout a wedding when they're ain't no ring
Man the two of us ain't even do the wild thing
Now she don't know me from Adam Eve or the apple
But still she wants to talk about a wedding and a chapel
No that's not the way I go out
Because I need a girl to love me and there is no doubt
That's why I ask do you feel like I do
Because the future Mrs. Young is gonna be more like you
A little bit sexy a little bit sassy
A body for loving and you still look classy
And chil never get jealous or mad
'Cause deep down you know I want you oh so bad
I'll be your fantasy your dream come true
So just tell me darling that you feel like I do


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