Keep your Eyes On The Prize

アーティストYoung M.C.
作詞Marvin Young
作曲Marvin Young
Keep your eyes on the prize that's the name of this song
And if you take heed then you won't go wrong
You have to be responsible
And know nothing in life is impossible
Just go for yours if it's yours to go for
'Cause if you don't you'll have nothing to show for
It so don't quit tell the truth not lies
And whatever you do keep your eyes on the prize
Like a job for instance
You first instinct is to keep your distance
Because despite your heart and persistence
No one hiring is acquiring your assistance
So instead you just sit home chilling
Like a couch potato watching All My Children
Instead of going out and looking in the want ads
You're telling your friends you can't believe
Brooke slept with Tad
And that's bad it's detrimental
'Cause you don't maximize your potential
You've got to make the most of what you've got
'Cause sometimes in life things ain't so hot
So listen to the words I speak
Look around you things ain't so bleak
And good things go to the one who tries
So don't lose focus and keep your eyes on the prize

Keep your eyes on the prize and life as a whole
Stay on top and never lose control
There'll be people trying to knock you down
But you got to tell 'em yo the kid ain't messing around
For example an award at school
Or a promotion at work that makes you real cool
You may think that it's for someone else
But realize you've got a good chance yourself
The only difference between you and him
Is you think you'll lose and he thinks he'll win
So shoot your shot and you'll be happy that you shot it
'Cause I went for the Grammy and domn it I got it
So here's a motivational seminar
'Cause if you think you're better than them you are
No matter creed color sex religion or size
Do what you want to do and keep your eyes on the prize

Women well they're not a prize per se
But men focus on them in the same way
We're talking flesh and blood not a thing
Yeah we're talking about a lady and not a brass ring
Ask her out take her to dinner
She'll make you feel like a lottery winner
I know it's hard I know it's tough
'Cause some girls out there can be so rough
But yo that girl is human
No matter how that body is booming
She's just like me and just like you
So homeboy here's what you gotta do
Now remember when you were lonely
Wishing you had a one and only
Well what you should have done then you've gotta do now
Just listen to the Young One I'll show you how
Take a trip down memory lane
To the people and the places in the back of your brain
The problems you had then have now been solved
So the ones you've got now will also be resolved
Yo step to her make your plea
Say babydoll I want you here with me
Hey don't be scared don't be shy
Say what you feel my man and keep your eyes on the prize


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