作詞向井秀徳, LEO今井
作曲向井秀徳, LEO今井
I have been plagued by the desire
To be so different from every other
I've got a bandage upon my shoulder
Hey, honey, honey
Don't you like my sense of humour?
I'm only joking I like attention
And not to mention a little delicate cuisine
I wear a suit by day By day
But at night I'm coming up from underground
Like a もぐら

Coming up from the underground
Like a もぐら

There is another body A brother
I've got it pricking at me from within
It has no need for food or water
It cancels all my virtue and sin
Though we're the same man, I wanna kill him
When I'm about to lose my nerve
I feel a trickle, but I cannot precisely locate
Where it both delights and disturbs

Coming up from the underground
Like a もぐら

Body Body in my mind
Body Making my teeth grind


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