Goin' Back

アーティストDevendra Banhart
作詞Devendra Banhart
作曲Devendra Banhart
Where it all started from gonna,
See my ol' friends try and have a little fun.
Goin back to the place that it once used to be,
Have a couple
Drinks and wander aimlessly,
Just like old times and maybe see some change,
In me.
Remember where I've been and never go back again
And make no mistake,
There's plenty of those to make.
Never ever goin' back,
Goin' back to the place where my lover and I met.
I can give her
All I got and she can wring my little neck
Just like old times.
Goin back to the time when I didn't need a thing,
Just the tappin of my feet and a little song to sing.
That'll do just fine, take me anytime you like hon.
Take me as who I am or as who I might become.
Never ever goin back, goin back.


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