アーティストDevendra Banhart
作詞Devendra Banhart
作曲Devendra Banhart
Replenish your blossoming bacchanal.
Let regret end at the start of the day.
Don't take no secrets back to your grave.
Let everyone know.
Let everyone know.

Angelika, Angelika, Angelika,
Angelika, Angelika, Angelika

If wilderness covers the colors you sense, then
How could you think that god has no friends.
If lifes for the living and death for the dead
And loves in your heart and hates in your head,
You've got to go blank to let it appear.
The garden on high grows bigger each year,
Without the black stone ya can't break the strings.
The omniverse sings of all these things.

Angelika, Angelika, Angelika, Angelika

Canoneros disparando aguinaldo en el barrio velero
De luz el cambio que tare
Que gaiga la cruz y suba dios
La lasrima en to Corazon
Sueltala Sueltala mi amor,
Mi amor, mi amor.


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