Darkest Hours

作詞Timo Kotipelto, Matias Kupiainen
作曲Matias Kupiainen
These frantic memories
They bring me down
Tormenting peace, the darkness drowns me
I'm restless without sleep
When day breaks, I'm still awake,
I recall my mistakes, I'll be

Never alone, never again, never alone,

When all my hope is gone
I'm waiting for the dawn
I raise my head and find my own way
Out of the dark
I've left my past behind
I'm reaching for the light
I'm not afraid to live my life
I'll take what is mine
I'll make my way
Through the darkest hours of my days

Those frozen memories
Laid out for me
All I can see - the night surrounds me
Destroying harmony
What lies beneath, demising me
I've lost my purity


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