アーティストThe Cooper Temple Clause
作詞The Cooper Temple Clause
作曲The Cooper Temple Clause
This movie would've killed us
It would've made a mess
I'd have lit the fires but i'd have pulled you out
Take a shot from every angle
I'd have shot you down
I'd have made you look fucking beautiful

Don't think cos you can't see me that I'm not watching
He got leather
He got car
Well me got channels on CCTV

This movie would've killed us
We'd have cut a deal
I'd have set the traps but I'd have pulled you out
Lend a hand make all the right moves
I'd have relped you out
I'd have made it perfect just for you

This movie would've killed us
We'd would've made a hit
But now it's turned to shit and it's because of you
But hey, you didn't want to make it
Instead you made it with him
Guess I just didn't make the final cut

Yeah this movie's gonna kill me
But it'll kill you first
We could've made it out but, oh, it's just too late now
I'd have made us a killer movie


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