Never Say Goodbye / (ラヴェル:≪亡き王女のためのパヴァーヌ≫から)

アーティストHayley Westenra
作詞Maurice Ravel, Pamela Sheyne
作曲Maurice Ravel, Pamela Sheyne
If I could take this moment forever
Turn the pages of my mind
To another place and time
We would never say goodbye

If I could find the words I would speak them
Then I wouldn't be tongue-tied
When I looked into your eyes
We would never say goodbye

If I could stop the moon ever rising
Day would not become the night
Wouldn't feel this cold inside
And we'd never say goodbye

I wish that our dreams were frozen
Then our hearts would not be broken
When we let each other go...

If I could steal this moment forever
Paint a picture-perfect smile
So our story stayed alive
We would never say goodbye


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