The Scene Is Dead; Long Live The Scene

アーティストCobra Starship
I'm not playing this game no more
I'm out of medicine
So call the medics

You're all as dumb as you were before
Don't ask me questions
I won't explain it

It should be fun but it's getting old
I'll take my medicine
And be your favorite man

You think you understand
but you don't
You've got no idea at all

And in/between this sentence
There's still a semblance
in telli gently screwed
It's all right because
I got a pretty face
I guess that I can sing alright

all is right.
I can love you like a sailor
I can make you dance all night

Maybe you'll understnad when I'm gone,
That you had no idea at all
But in this very second
I'll never mention
The dreams I keep from you

Don't mean to sound like a rotten boy
For all my blessings
I'm surely graceful

I am the dream you've been waiting for
I always dreamt that I would
man !


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