Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous

アーティストCobra Starship
Give it up, 'cause I know what you've got
You can ride to the top,
but you can't ride on my cock
So give it up, yeah come on come on
When the light's off,
I'm gonna show you
how Bruce LeRoy glows

I'm the last man standin'
And I ain't never scared

Smach it up, smash it up
I'm gonna kick it down
Be cool tonight
Don't wanna start a fight
Smash it up, smash it up
Tonight we're kickin' it down

I'm not street but I do what I gotta do
So what? You got a crew?
I got a crew too.
I'm not street but I do what I gotta do

I've crashed up joints in Tokyo
And I may not be loved,
but they
always recall my name

Come on everybody
My brothers and my sisters now
You know that we don't need no money
Tonight we're gonna kick it down

Come on everybody
White they sleep we rule the streets
And you're not alone
'Cause when we roll, we roll deep

Come on everybody
tonight there's gonna be no beef


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