You're lookin' out for fun / Fun
Get your satisfaction / You crazy
Ready for emotion / Are you ready for lovin'?

Here comes your number one / Hey
Let me be your lover / You kiddin'
Got to ride the tiger / Gimme now
Gimme your lovin'

Touch my body baby
Tell me what you can do for me / Boy, you're lookin' crazy / With your hot desire

Got my mind on fire
With the flame of your fantasy / Really got me baby
Burnin' for a non-stop lovin'

Turn me on to your love
Baby you're number one / It's got to be just you and me / Baby you're number one

Don't you leave me alone
Baby you're number one / Got to believe you're in too deep / Baby you're number one
Baby you're my number one

You take me up and down / Boy
Girl you got me runnin / You crazy
It's a game you're playin' / Are you ready to play it?

You turn my head around / Now
Keep me under pressure / You bet it
You're the one I wanted / Baby please
Cry for your lovin'


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