Make Me Smile / 僕らに微笑みを

作詞James Pankow
作曲James Pankow
Children play in the park
They don't know-ow I'm alone in the dark
Even though time and time again
I see your face smilin' inside

I'm so happy, huh-h
That you love me,huh-h
Life is lovely, oh
When you're near me
Tell me you will stay
Make me smile, ah-h

Livin' life is just a game, so they say
All the games we used to play fade away
We may now enjoy the dreams
We've shared so long ago

Oh my darlin', oh oh-h
Got to have you, yeah yeah
Feel the magic, ooh-h, when I hold you
Cry sweet tears of joy touch the sky, ah-h

Now I need you, oh yeah
More than ever, oh yeah
No more cryin', ooh-h
We're together
Tell me you will stay
Make me smile, yeah


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