Hello Walls

アーティストFaron Young
作詞Willie Nelson
作曲Willie Nelson
(Hello there, walls)
Hello walls, how did things go for you today?
Don't you miss her since she
Up and went away?
And I'll bet you're ready to spend
Another lonely night with me,
Lonely walls, I'll keep you company.
Hello window, well I see that you're still here.
Aren't you lonely since
Our darling disappeared?
Well look, here's a teardrop
In the corner of your pane-
Now don't you try to tell me that it's rain.
She went away and left us all alone
The way she planned,
Guess we'll have to learn to
Get along without her if we can.
Hello ceiling,
I'm gonna stare at you awhile,
You know I can't sleep
So won't you bear with me awhile?
We're got to all stick together
Or else I'll lose my mind and
I've a feeling she'll be gone a long, long time.


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