broken heart

作詞martika, les pierce, frankie blue
作曲martika, les pierce, frankie blue
i was only 17 when my luck ran out
i didn't know where 2 turn
i was so in doubt
i had 2 find someone 2 hold
then i met my man
i loved him but i hated him 2
his habit so out of hand

hey can't u see what you're
doin' 2 me?
i gave u my heart, but u can
set me free
because i'm not in the mood 2 be
apologized 2
there's more 2 this life than your
drugs and your booze
he said...

please don't cry
wipe those tears from your eyes
i will survive
i will see you thru

he promised me he'd change
and then one day a baby came

for the past 9 months or so i ain't
feelin' so sweet
they told me i had 2 behave myself so
id be healthy
i thought i did everything right,
now everything's gone wrong
our baby's got a broken heart,
he ain't fee I in' so strong
my god...

what did i do 2 deserve this from u?
i don't think i've ever been

so confused
ill still feel the pain even after
the bruise
what should i do?...tell me.
what should i do?
he said

mama, don't cry
wipe those tears from your eyes
i will survive
i will see my life thru

please understand
it was not in your hands
u do the best that u can
and i know your love is true

i'm not surprised that i feel so old
sometimes existence can be so cold
i'll find the strength just 2 carry on
am i destined 2 pay, for my
every mistake?
will somebody tell me for how long?


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