don't say u love me

作詞martika, prince
作曲martika, prince
if ever there was a boy of
contradiction then baby
that boy is u
1 minute u are a stranger,
the next u're my guru
how i miss those moments when i'd

crawl into your arms
we were perfect lovers then
what happened 2 your charm?

don't say that u love me, baby
'cuz i don't wanna know
our love is like a roller coaster,
up and down we go
don't say u love me, i'm sick of this
push and pull
u can't even love yourself
so 2 love me u're incapable
don't say u love me, i am not a fool
say anything, just please don't say
u love me

must've been so naive and blinded
2 think u'd do no wrong
yes i'm still a dreamer, but the
little girl is gone
u used 2 hug me, kiss me, touch me,
lick me
fill me with your charm
then my credit card was in your hand
and u say
don't be alarmed?

locked in your prison, i forgot
about me
but now my dear i am here 2 tell u
i am free
this little story's not 4 your glory
it's time 2 pack your bags and don't
forget 2 leave the key


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