アーティストPhilip Bailey
作詞Marti Sharron, Gary Skardina, Stephen Mitchell
作曲Marti Sharron, Gary Skardina, Stephen Mitchell
You are the thunder
You're the lightning up above
I call your name out, woman you want love
And when I touch you I see heaven
in your eyes
And when I kiss you, there's a storm
rise within me

Woman, stay
Show me the way
Into your heart
Light up the dark
I've always dreamed of the love
that you bring
Oh woman, stay
Don't turn me away
You're the angel of light
Who leaves in the night
But I need you, can't you see
I love you, woman
You are the fire
You are the wind
You are the sunlight
I need you woman

Now I know heaven sent you from above
You are woman, you were sent
for me to love
Woman, stay
But, you'll go away
Now my eyes can see
All the love that I need
For the first time
I can believe
In woman...

I can believe in woman
I need you by my side
You are the flower
You are the rain
You bring me sunlight
You bring me pain, woman


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