アーティストPhilip Bailey
作詞Philip Bailey, Marti Sharron, Glen Ballard
作曲Philip Bailey, Marti Sharron, Glen Ballard
Light up my life with a smile
every day
I can tell you heaven is just a
breath away
Deep within my heart, there's a love
I feel for you
And I want you to know, that you
You don't have to walk around
Feeling lonely, lost for lovin', when
the sun goes down
Cause I wanna give you what
you need
Let me inside

I'll show you the way to love uh huh
uh huh
I'll show you the way to love uh huh
Will you let me inside?

All of my life I believed love
was true
And the pictures in my mind, they
were only of you

Let me be the one to hold you safe
in my arms
When the magic is won
Then you, like a fire in the night
We can feel the heat
And it's going deep 'til it melts
away, all the cold
Making everything right, will you
be mine?

Love is the future
You can throw your fears away
Love is the past
Love has brought us to this
day, baby
Time won't keep waiting
For an answer from your heart, to love


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