アーティストPhilip Bailey
作詞Glen Ballard, Clif Magness
作曲Glen Ballard, Clif Magness
Yes I know that he hurt you
I can see it in your eyes
You pretend it doesn't matter
But you feel it all so deep inside
You know you've been running from love
You keep saying you've had enough

For every heart that's been broken
Two have been in love
So baby don't give up, oh no
'Cause there's never a heart that's
been broken
That can't make love again
And I'm waiting to get you into my life
Love is the whisper
When all the talking's done
You don't know you're,in it
Until after it's begun
Somewhere deep in this night
We'll find each other and know it's right

It only takes one to be lonely
So why don't the two of us take a chance


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