アーティストFun Factory
作詞Kesselbaur, Fiedler, Goetzki, Cottura, Hardison
作曲Kesselbaur, Fiedler, Goetzki
I'm feeling fine now
I'm in love with you
You're so good to me babe
I'm falling for you
I'm doing right
I'll never be blue
'Cause I know know know
Be good to me babe
Just be good to me
Baby can't you see that you're the one for me
The girl in my dreams and you're so good to me
I would fly you to the stars
I would buy expensive cars
Everything will be alright tonight
If you will stay by my side
'Cause you're the one that I like
And you're the one that I need
For you girl I'll go down my knees
You're driving me crazy
And please don't say 'maybe'
'Cause you're the one for me
You're my beautiful lady
Oh well it's plain to see baby
Yeah you belong to me babe
No matter how long it takes
I'm after you I'm gonna get you
Baby you're my desire
You set my heart on fire
Oh we can get so high
Oh take my hand
And stay here tonight
Come here girl
You know I'll be good to you
The way you look
I can't help but to be with you
You make me crazy
With your walk your talk your style
Here to ask girl
Can I talk to you for a while?
Girls like you are hard to find
Baby I'll be honest
Yo! You just blow my mind
So give me a chance and a short dance
Or give me a chance
A true romance
It feels like heaven baby
Touch me and don't say 'maybe'
You got me going crazy
Don't make me wait for you
Baby it's now or never
Stay with me forever
Baby don't hesitate
Give me love and good to me


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